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 Tutorial: Current-Conducting Close.


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What you need:




         Gancio NEM;

         Brass or Copper da 0,2/0,3.




This tutorial will explain how you can bring the power to the carriages without a pickup shoe for each, which is very costly for both portfolios and for the friction of the train. We will start from the classic hook NEM, with some small modifications and buying brass or copper reach our goal.








We start by removing the hook (the component in the lower right of the image is no longer necessary):


Hook NEM disassembled.







With a cutter cut the strip:


Right incision.


Left incision.



Delete the portion obtained with a small claw:


Removal portion.






Proceed by setting the hook in a small grip and prepare ourselves to use the Dremel:


Hook on grip.


Bur Dremel 3mm about.




Dig a little hook with a Dremel and a small lathe. This solution will facilitate the graft between the hooks:


Milling result.


Take the strip of brass, previously cut:


Hook and strip of brass.




Fold the strip until you get a curve similar to that in the illustration:


Hook and strip of brass.


Hook and strip of brass.


Like in the figure, insert the blade into the slot of the hook. For measures, with the tests you should arrive at optimal solutions.


Detail of the hook from above and saw first insertion brass.


Detail of the hook seen from below.





The final result of our tutorial:


The hook: before and after.


Difference between the hooks.





List and parts to be removed:




The work is finished you will have all your coaches without pickup shoe and only when they are in composition. We recommend that you see also the tutorial lighting of the coaches to complete the job with little expense and a lot of satisfaction.

See you soon.